Equitas FASTag / Full KYC update for your Equitas FASTag - How to complete ?

Published: Sep 15, 2019

Equitas Small Finance Bank FASTag

You may have purchased your Equitas FASTag from the Bank directly, online through the bank's Selfie FASTag program. Or you may have purchased the Equitas FASTag from any one of the FASTag POS managed by the Channel Partners. Or you may have been given one along with your vehicle by your Dealer-Showroom when you bought your new car. Equitas FASTag, wherever and whenever purchased is issued with a min-KYC. 

What is Minimum KYC ?

At the time of FASTag issuance, only minimum details are required so as to make the issuance process simpler. The following documents are normally required at the time of FASTag issuance. 

  • Vehicle RC Copy
  • Owner's ID Proof
  • Owners Address Proof
  • A valid mobile number which has to be verified with OTP

The advantage in this process is that, no application form is required, no photo of the owner, no signature of the owner is requried. FASTag can be issued over the counter merely producing the above mentioned documents, and verifying the mobile number with an OTP. The customer has a period of 18 months to complete the Full-KYC, to continue using the FASTag. The limit on FASTag with minimum KYC is Rs. 10,000/- month. 

What is Full KYC and why is it required ?

Full KYC is a process by which the Bank collects all relevant information of the customer as per guidelines issued by RBI/NPCI. An application form, with a clear photo of the customer, the application form has to be signed by the customer, and all proof documents provided by the customer has to be self-attested, and all the originals would be verified either by a Bank official or an authorized third party/Channel Partner. If the Full KYC process is not completed within 18 months of FASTag issuance, your FASTag will be blocked, and you will not be able to use your FASTag until this process is completed. 

What documents are required for completing the Equitas FASTag Full KYC?

  • A complete Full KYC application form, with a clear photo of the customer with the customer's signature - Required
  • Self Attested - ID Proof document - Required
  • Self Attested - Address proof document - Required
  • A "Dual Name Declaration Form" - Required only if the name of the customer appears differently in the proof documents and the application form. 
  • A "Vernacular Declaration Form" - Required only if the signature of the customer is in any language other than English.
  • An "Affidavit for Date of Birth" - Required only if the date of birth is different than what appears in the proof documents. 
  • A "Dual Signature Declaration Form" - Required only if the signature in the application form appears differently than the proof documents. 

How to complete the Full KYC for your Equitas FASTag ?

The easiset way is outlined here.

Get to FASTag Services - Brokerage Free.



Login into FASTag Services, Brokerage Free. 

FASTag Services - Login


Simply fill a "New Equitas FASTag Application Form" after you Login

FASTag Services - Brokerage Free - Equitas FASTag

Please click the "Apply For Equitas FASTag" button. You will then be taken to the "New FASTag Application Form"

Equitas FASTag - Application Form

Fill the application form, and submit. Then you will see the confirmation of successful submission of the application form. 

Equitas FASTag - Submitted Successfully

You scroll down the page, you will notice a "Download KYC Application Form".

Equitas Full KYC Download Button


Please click the button, and your Full KYC application form will be downloaded your machine. 

After you have the Full KYC Application form for your Equitas FASTag, print the application form. You will also have instructions in the last page of the document as to how to submit the documents. 

  • Print the form
  • Fix photo on the application, sign where required. 
  • Attest all proof documents. 

There are two ways by which you could submit the documents. 

Visit the nearest Equitas Bank Branch, and submit the documents at the Bank branch. 

Or you could send the documents by courier to the following address: 

FASTag Services, Brokerage Free, 

19/135, Manickavasagar Street, 

Balaji Nagar, Fairlands, 

Salem - 636016

Tamil Nadu.

If you are Fleet Operator, who runs one or more commercial vehicles, please contact Brokerage Free for a FREE FASTag !!

Contact Details:

Email: support@brokerage-free.in

Mobile: 750 206 7555 / (0427) 430 2030