FASTag / How to fix FASTag RFID to your car ?

Published: Apr 18, 2019

Now that you have gotten your own FASTag RFID, you need to fix it in your car/vehicle so you car start using your FASTag and zip through toll plazas. Here are simple guidelines to fixing your FASTag, as given by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI).

Remove the adhesive liner from the sticker

Install on the top middle of the windshield, below to the rear view mirror.

Press the sticker gently on the windsheild, but do not press hard. The RFID in the FASTag may get damaged if you press too hard. 

Always keep the adhesive side facing outside

Once the FASTag sticker is pasted, do not try to remove it or reposition it. The FASTag is designed in a way, that when it is removed or repositioned, it will no longer work, as the RFID gets damaged. 


  • Do not paste the FASTag on a dirty/wet glass surface
  • If the original adhesive is insufficient, return the FASTag and get a new one
  • Do not use a cello tape or any supplementary adhesive to fix the FASTag, as it may prevent the RFID sensors from reading the FASTag properly. 
  • Do not try to peel off and reposition FASTag. 


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