FASTag / FASTag Camp at Ferns Paradise - Marathalli - Bangalore

Published: Jan 17, 2020



FASTag Camp run by Brokerage Free at Ferns Paradise on 18-Jan-2020, at the Club House. The camp would start by 10 am. 



Banks: Kotak Bank, Equitas Bank

Required Documents:

  • Owner's KYC: 
    • Driving License, Passport, Voter ID - copy of any one of these 
    • PAN Card Copy
    • Aadhar Copy - Required only for Equitas
  • Vehicle Documents:
    • RC Copy 
    • Insurance Copy 

Soft copy of the above mentioned documents would suffice. 

FASTag application would be processed and FASTags would be issued in about 5-7 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Vehicle is in someone else's name, is that ok ?

Yes, if the vehicle is not in your name, but a member of your family or relative we can still process your FASTag application. 

2. Do I have to bring physical copies of documents ?

No, we should process your FASTag application with soft copies. Just whatsapp your documents to the executives at the camp and they will complete the FASTag application process

3. How much does FASTag cost ?

Equitas FASTag cost Rs. 500/- and Kotak FASTag costs Rs. 600/-. Payments can be made in either cash or through any UPI app at the camp. 

4. How do I recharge my FASTag ?

We have several videos on Youtube to help with the same.

The one below explains how to recharge Kotak FASTag through Google Pay. Language is in Tamil, but the video is simple enough to follow how it is done. 


The video below explains how to recharge any FASTag with Google Pay in Hindi


Any more questions, we will be happy to help you at the venue !

If you are a visitor to this page and you would like to run a similar FASTag camp at your Residential Property, please get in touch. 

Mobile : 953 863 9000 / 750 202 9000 


Brokerage Free - offers FREE FASTag for commercial vehicles. Contact us for details.