Equitas FASTag / What is Equitas FASTag Quick Recharge ? How to recharge your Equitas FASTag with Credit Card?

Published: Sep 10, 2019


It happens to most of us using FASTag. What is the FASTag user id and password? What is the link to login to the FASTag Portal/Website ? It is not always easy to remember this  since we may not use these details on a regular basis. 

What is Equitas FASTag Quick Recharge ?

Recharging your Equitas FASTag has become even more easy. Brokerage Free provides a web interface where all you have to do is enter your registered mobile number for Equitas FASTag. You will receive an OTP to verify it is you. Enter the OTP, and on successful verification you should be able to review your Equitas FASTag wallet details. You can check the transactions for all your vehicles for the past 15 days. You also can recharge your FASTag using either your Credit/Debit Cards or Netbanking. 

This is particularly useful, when you may not remember your password, or the website link to recharge. Also, this allows you to recharge your Equitas FASTag through Credit Card. 

Please note that there is a convenience fee of 3% to cover the transaction costs. Neither the Bank nor Brokerage Free benefit out of this convenience fees. 

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What can you do with your Equitas FASTag Quick Recharge ?

  • Minimum Recharge amount is Rs. 100/-
  • Maximum Recharge amount per attempt is limited to Rs. 5000/-
  • Past 15 days transaction data is available through this login. 
  • This recharge feature is applicable only to Equitas FASTag Wallet Customers. For customers who have linked their Bank Account with Equitas FASTag will not be able to use this facility. 
  • For Min-KYC Customers, the total limit for FASTag is set at Rs. 10,000/month. 
  • For Full-KYC Customers, the total limit for FASTag is set at Rs. 1,00,000/month.

How to recharge your Equitas FASTag through Equitas FASTag Quick Recharge ?

Link to recharge is : https://fastag.brokerage-free.in/bank/equitas/quick-recharge

Equitas FASTag Quick Recharge - Login


After you get to the above page, please enter your registered mobile number, and click the "Get OTP" button. You would receive an OTP to your mobile number. 

Equitas FASTag Quick Recharge Verify OTP

Enter the OTP value as given in this screenshot above, and click the "Verify OTP" button. If you have not received the OTP, please use the "Resend OTP" Button. If you still have trouble receiving OTP, please contact "FASTag Support" by phone (0427) 430 2030 or by email - support@brokerage-free.in 

Equitas FASTag Quick Recharge Welcome


After successful login, you will see the above page, with your mobile number, name and transaction details for the last 15 days. To recharge, please enter the recharge amount in the text box as given below, and click the "Recharge Wallet" button. 

Then verify the payment in the following screen. 

After verifying that the entered recharge amount correctly reflects here, please press the "Proceed to Pay" button. 

Choose a method of payment and complete the online transaction. 

After successful payment, you will see the following screen that confirms the recharge, and also the added amount reflecting in the "TAG Balance".

Equitas FASTag Quick Recharge - Enter Amount

All this takes only a couple of mins to recharge your Equitas FASTag with only an OTP. This method is particularly useful if you do not remember your Equitas FASTag user id/password or if you would like to recharge using your Credit Card. The Online Payment in the Equitas Bank FASTag website does not presently permit payments through credit cards. 

Need help with your Equitas FASTag Quick Recharge ? Please email - support@brokerage-free.in, or call (0427) 430 2030. 

If you are Fleet Operator, who runs one or more commercial vehicles, please contact Brokerage Free for a FREE FASTag !!