FASTag / FASTag mandatory from 1 Dec 2019

Published: Jul 24, 2019



The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has announced that all lanes at toll plazas in National Highways would be enabled with FASTag, to allow payment of toll fees, digitally. One of the lanes will be a hybrid lane, where customers can pay the toll fees by cash as well. Vehicles entering the exclusive FASTag lanes, with no FASTag will have to pay double the toll fees. The hybrid lane will also be used to facilitate the movement of oversized vehicles as well. 

FASTag is a prepaid RFID tag that allows for payment of toll fees through digitally, without paying cash. Since toll payments are automated, it enables seemless flow of traffic, minimizing waiting times at toll plazas, lesser pollution and lesser fuel consumption. FASTag has been mandatory for all vehicles sold after 1st Dec 2017, for vehicle registration. 


It is a common occurrence that non-FASTag users get into FASTag only lanes and pay the toll fees by cash. This will not be allowed anymore after 1st Dec 2019. 

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