FASTag / How to recharge your FASTag using Phone Pe / UPI ?

Published: Sep 13, 2019


As per NPCI guidelines, Banks licensed to provide FASTag services, should provide FASTag customers with the option to recharge their FASTag through UPI. Among the mobile apps that allow users to transfer money through UPI, Phone Pe is a very popular mobile app. Phone Pe can be used to recharge your FASTag, whichever bank your FASTag is issued from.



The UPI handle to your FASTag is netc.XXXXXXXXX@bank-name.

For example if your FASTag is from Equitas bank and your vehicle number is KA 02 N 1234, then your UPI VPA (Virutal Private Address) or UPI ID or UPI handle would be netc.ka02n1234@equitas. This UPI ID or UPI address is case insensitive. So NETC.KA02n1234@EQUITAS is the same as netc.ka02n1234@equitas

List of Banks and the UPI handle for FASTag recharge, using UPI:

  1. Equitas Bank - @equitas
  2. ICICI Bank - @icici
  3. HDFC Bank @hdfcbank

The following video explains how to recharge your FASTag using Phone Pe. The language in this video is Hindi, however the video is easy enough to follow and recharge your FASTag using Phone Pe, even if you do not understand the language. 

Steps to recharge your FASTag with Phone Pe: 

  • Add your UPI handle to Phone Pe. Transfer Rs. 1/- through UPI to your FASTag as a test transfer.
  • In just about a second or two, you will recieve an SMS from your bank that your FASTag has been recharged for Rs. 1/-.
  • This SMS is confirmation that your UPI transfer to your FASTag through Phone Pe works as it is expected to.
  • Now that UPI transfer through Phone Pe to recharge your FASTag has been verified, you can use it to recharge your FASTag whenever required. 

Things to know about recharging your FASTag through Phone Pe or any other UPI app:

  • The limit of how much money you may transfer through UPI is dependent on the app and the limit set by the bank.
  • For minimum-KYC FASTag customers, there may be a limit of Rs. 2000/- per day.
  • For full KYC FASTag custmers, the limit is upto Rs. 1 Lakh or as determined by the bank or the UPI app.
  • For FASTag recharges through any UPI method including Phone Pe, there are no transaction charges.
  • For recharges through Netbanking or debit or credit, payment gateway charges may apply. 

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