SBI FASTag / What is SBI FASTag? What are the benefits of using SBI FASTag?

Published: Apr 29, 2019

SBI with the tagline "The Banker to every Indian" is truly the largest bank in India. SBI is one of the 20+ banks that have been licensed to provide FASTag services by NPCI/NHAI.

SBI FASTag Customer Care number (or) Helpline number (or) Toll Free Number: 1800-11-0018

Alternately, MoRTH/NHAI/IHMCL has launched 1033 helpline number for addressing FASTAG complaints at toll plaza level. Customer can simply dial 1033 from Mobile/Landline for the following issues:

  • Stopped at the plaza for Tag blacklist reason even through Tag is not blacklisted.
  • Plaza not accepting Fastag
  • Plaza is not able to read the Tag
  • Plaza is not supporting for monthly pass issuance
  • Any other applicable issue for Fastag

SBI FASTag Customer Care email: Address the email to and CC to

SBI FASTag Customer Portal / Login:

SBI FASTag Agent Portal / Login :

What are the documents required for SBI FASTag ?

  • Registration Certificate (RC) Copy of the vehicle
  • Any one of the following ID proof document of the customer/owner of the vehicle
    • Voter ID
    • Driving Licence
    • Passport Copy
    • Aadhar Copy
    • Vehicle Front and side images
  • Vehicle Insurance Copy (optional)

The following procedure applies, if you need apply for SBI FASTag for your car. For other types of vehicles, a Full KYC Process may be required which is slightly different from this process.

How to apply for SBI FASTag ?

You can apply for SBI FASTag through FASTag Services, Brokerage Free by submitting an online application. The SBI FASTag application process just takes a couple of minutes to submit. 

Benefits of using SBI FASTAg?

  • Customers can avail a cashback of 2.5% on all Toll payments using SBI FASTag in 2019-20
  • Ease of payment – No need to carry cash for the toll transactions, saves time
  • Near non-stop movement of vehicles leading to lower fuel cost.
  • Online Recharge – SBI FASTag can be recharged online through Credit Card / Debit Card /NEFT/ RTGS or Net banking
  • SMS alerts for toll transactions, low balance, etc.
  • Online Portal for customers to check their SBI FASTag account statements and recharge
  • Validity of 3-5 Years
  • Other benefits include but not limited to
    • Reduced air pollution
    • Reduced use of paper
    • Reduced toll payment hassles
    • Analytics for better highway management
    • Reduced effort in management at toll plaza
    • Reduced effort in monitoring vehicle movement centrally

Get your SBI FASTag now - Apply here !!

It takes only a couple of minutes to submit your SBI FASTag application. 

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If you are Fleet Operator, who runs one or more commercial vehicles, please contact Brokerage Free for a FREE FASTag !!

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